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When Food Is Scarce and Times Are Tough, You Give Hope to the Hungry!

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

WORLDWIDE – Imagine for a moment the life of a child in a faraway village—we’ll call her Sarah. She might be in Peru, or Thailand, or even somewhere in Africa, but the story will be much the same. Sarah loves art, playing soccer with her friends, and helping around the house. But something always weighs heavily at the back of Sarah’s mind: food. If you were Sarah, what would you do when food is scarce?

overcoming global hunger

Her loving parents try so hard, but they struggle to make ends meet. The cycle of generational poverty has robbed them of opportunities that might have allowed them to get ahead. Too often, there simply isn’t enough food for their family of six, and her mother and father skip meals. They think she doesn’t notice, but Sarah sees everything.

And while she realizes that some of her friends enjoy hearty dinners with nutritious meats and vegetables, too many days she and her siblings survive on a rationed portion of rice or beans. Today, Sarah’s stomach growls loudly as she walks to school. It will be hard to pay attention in class. And as much as she loves to play, she knows she’ll probably be too tired and hungry to enjoy recess. Hopefully, one of her parents can find some work today. Otherwise, there won’t be much to eat for dinner. Again.

Global Hunger

Praying for An End to Food Scarcity

When Sarah arrives back home, her mother greets her with a warm smile, but the worry in her eyes tells Sarah everything she needs to know. She is suffering from food scarcity. She’ll pray extra hard tonight. Surely tomorrow will be a better day. It just has to be.

Sarah’s story is one that’s familiar around the world—even here in the United States. Children like Sarah might not technically be starving, but they are what we call “food insecure.” Food is scarce for children like Sarah. It is hard to come by for their families, whether because of job loss, inflation, sickness, conflict, natural disaster, or just heartbreaking generational poverty.

In some cases, these children might not actually feel hungry, but they lack vital nutrients and a reliable source of food. They are malnourished, unable to thrive in school, anxious about food, and they easily fall prey to illness.

hunger relief donation

When Food Is Scarce, You Help Us Fight the Battle Against Hunger

That’s why we’re so thankful that you are fighting hunger in America and around the globe every day. When food is scarce and times are tough, you step in and offer hope to the hungry. Through food distributions, agricultural programs, small business opportunities, skills training, and educational initiatives, you make sure that kids like Sarah, as well as adults and the elderly, have the food they need not only to survive—but to thrive.

The USDA reports that 12.8% of households in America are food insecure to some degree—and estimates that over 700,000 children in the U.S. have experienced significant food insecurity.

These Are the Faces of Hunger


After Hurricane Otis hit Mexico, demolishing homes and businesses, Raquel and her husband struggled to feed their children. Thank goodness, you made a way for this family. Not only did generous friends like you provide them with food, you also gave them supplies and tools for Raquel to restart her business selling corn and plantains.

when food is scarce Operation Blessing is there to help

Life is hard in the region of Gombi, Nigeria. Tabita’s family often made do with only corn, beans, and rice. She worried that they wouldn’t have enough to eat. Then, you sent an agriculture project to her area. Now Tabita reports that she’s had a bountiful harvest, her children are eating well, and that the profits from her small farm have helped to pay for the children’s school fees.

charity fighting food scarcity

For 79-year-old Eugeny, the conflict in Ukraine started in 2014. When the war hit full force in 2022, he faced daily explosions and survived without heat, electricity, and gas. Then one night his bedside candle started a fire, which he barely survived. Now he lives at a home for the elderly and infirm in Ukraine, where you help provide him with three hearty homemade meals a day.

food scarcity worldwide

As in many developing nations, hunger and food scarcity have increased in Thailand since the pandemic. The situation has only gotten worse as many refugees fleeing Myanmar have settled in their country. But we’re glad to report that you are reaching out to kids like Ju Ju. You even provided a special celebration that included a hot meal, a food distribution, gifts, and fun Superbook activities.


Sammy and Olivia’s lives were turned upside down when Sammy needed emergency heart surgery and had to take time off to recover. Even though Olivia worked extra hours, they began to drown financially and didn’t know what to do for food. Then you provided abundant groceries for them through a food pantry in their area.

overcoming food insecurity in America

According to the World Health Organization, over 122 million MORE people around the world faced hunger in 2023 than in 2019, bringing the total to about 735 million!

For so many food is scarce, but you are helping reverse that statistic.

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