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You Brought Healing in the Wake of Hurricane Otis Destruction

Field Report by Operation Blessing

MEXICO – In the midst of Hurricane Otis destruction, families in Acapulco found themselves struggling to survive the devastation caused by the Category 5 storm. Parents tried to protect their children from sickness while also grappling with the loss of nearly everything they owned. Thanks to the invaluable support of caring donors like you, stories of healing and renewed hope have emerged from the eye of the storm.

Hurricane Survivors Get Help from the Operation Blessing Medical Brigade

Pregnant with her sixth child, Rosa faced the terrifying reality of trying to safeguard her family as Hurricane Otis tore off the roof over their heads. After a few days, the family returned to the ruined remains of their home—where they became sick after sleeping on damp beds. That’s when your love stepped in and made all the difference for Rosa’s family. Because of the support of faithful donors like you, an Operation Blessing medical brigade was ready and waiting to provide Rosa’s children with much-needed attention.

Rosa was also given an ultrasound, providing a reassuring glimpse at her unborn baby. 

Elsewhere in Acapulco, Laura’s two young daughters, Mikeyla and Itzy, developed coughs, headaches, and fevers—all aggravated by the dust, heat, and constant exposure to sun and burning garbage after the hurricane. You helped to provide medical care when this family needed it most! Your support became a lifeline and supplied the family with medicines and a renewed sense of hope.

“Operation Blessing has been a big relief and has renewed the hope of people like me, who don’t have the resources to care for our children,” Laura said. “Having health, we have the possibility of getting ahead.”

More Families Receive Help and Hope

But the miracle of your compassion doesn’t end there. Vanessa, a first-time mother, and her 7-month-old baby, Iris, faced the hurricane’s relentless winds as their home was stripped away, leaving them exposed to the elements and frightened. When Iris developed a persistent cough, Vanessa was desperate for medical assistance. Through your support and Operation Blessing’s medical brigade, a family doctor provided Iris with medication, offering relief beyond measure.

Amaya, a 4-year-old girl, suffered a facial injury after being knocked over by a dog during the cleanup efforts. Her father, Oscar, discovered Operation Blessing’s medical brigade and little Amaya received immediate care, easing her parents’ worries and highlighting the role you have played during this critical time.

And 4-year-old José Luis and his family lost their roof during the powerful storm. Struggling with drastic temperature changes, José Luis developed a troublesome respiratory problem. His parents, Azucena and José, searched for health clinics or pharmacies in vain until they heard about Operation Blessing’s medical brigade at a nearby church. Soon after, José Luis received the treatment he needed, and his father even obtained medicine for his diabetes. “We had been looking everywhere and couldn’t find help,” said José Luis’s mother. “Thank you for being here and offering this aid. We really needed it!”

Hurricane Otis Recovery was made possible by YOU

These powerful stories display the profound impact you have made in the wake of Hurricane Otis. Your faithful support has brought healing and helped build a brighter future for families facing a long and difficult hurricane recovery. Immediate medical needs have been met and a spark of hope ignited in the hearts of families in Acapulco—thanks to you!

Hurricane Otis Victim

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