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Food or Medicine

Field Report by Operation Blessing

GUATEMALA – As a parent, Nury frequently faced this difficult decision: food or medicine? Imagine having to make that choice for your child. Every day, many families around the world deal with this dilemma because they can’t afford both. But your love is reaching out to them with a solution.

Nury has lived in the remote community of El Reposo, Guatemala, since she was a child. To see a doctor, residents must walk 45 minutes to the nearest health center. Even if they can make the journey, many simply can’t afford to purchase medication.

providing medicine in guatemala

Food Or Medicine…A Choice No One Should Have To Make

“Many times, we spend more than we earn per day,” said Juana, who also lives in El Reposo. “Sometimes when you get sick or something happens to you, you have to figure out what to do—take natural medicine or seek help from a neighbor.”

Thanks to the generous support of friends like you, Operation Blessing was able to provide them with an answer to their problem— training residents to become Community Health Volunteers. Through the class, Nury and other community members like Juana learned how to administer basic first aid care, measure vital signs, and detect signs of malnutrition, COVID-19, and other serious diseases.

Juana was able to put her training into practice almost immediately when her niece
was bitten by a squirrel. “At that moment I remembered that they had given us a first aid kit. I put into practice everything that we had been taught in the course by Operation Blessing.” She used the supplies to stop the bleeding quickly. “The program was very good for us. Now we know what to do in any situation.”

After graduating, Nury will be able to serve her family—and community—when they get sick. “It is a great relief and blessing for what they taught us,” she told us. “Thanks to Operation Blessing for helping us!”

providing medicine for people in need

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