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The Miracle of Giving Food… When Food Prices Are Soaring

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA – “This is just a rough patch, and I know it’s passing,” said Zine from Virginia, trying to stay positive. That’s just who Zine is. But right now, times are tough. Food prices are soaring, and hard-working people like Zine are struggling to make ends meet. When money got tight, Zine was thankful to find relief through your love and support and the food pantry at Bethel Worship Center Church International, a ministry partner of Operation Blessing.

charity helping the hungry

Twenty years ago, Zine moved from South Africa to the United States. Over time, she noticed others in need all around her and wanted to help, so she left a well-paying job as a delivery specialist to establish a group home in Virginia for people with mental disabilities. Even with a financial plan, she saw the COVID pandemic slow her progress and dwindle her reserve.

During this time, because of your support, she didn’t have the burden of paying for her own groceries weighing on her. Instead, she was able to focus on those in need. “I can devote my day to working in the business,” she said. “It just gives me a lot of peace.”

“There are a lot of needy families who need food.”

hungry in Virginia

When Food Prices Are Soaring Needy Families Need YOU

Zine often picked up extra groceries for neighbors who were not able to travel to the food pantry and even brought back some cake for the children who lived next door. “There are a lot of needy families who need food,” she told us. “You get a lot of fresh food here, fresh vegetables and milk. This is really useful to someone who isn’t getting a lot of protein.”

Your generosity made all that possible. Thanks to you, Operation Blessing is able to provide food so that food pantries like this one and others across the country can continue providing groceries to Zine and many others.

“It’s bringing comfort,” said Sabrina, who runs the pantry at Bethel Worship Center Church with her mother. “The food makes a difference in the finances at home because they can comfortably make a decision to pay the light bill and not be hungry.” And the quality of the food you provide is something Sabrina says she would serve to her own family.

help when food prices are soaring due to inflation

“The money is going straight to the communities—people you see in the grocery store, people that you see at church, they are direct recipients of the donations,” Sabrina told us. “Seeing another human receiving something they need, it just gives me joy.”

The compassion her whole staff has for helping others pours over to the people they meet, including Zine. Every time Zine visited the food pantry, she felt your love in action. “When I look into the women and men’s eyes, I see the face of God.”

Today, Zine is working toward becoming financially independent and no longer needs assistance from the food pantry. She is doing what she loves—caring for others in her group home.

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