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How Operation Blessing Helps Victims Of The Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKRAINE – Some of the most somber accounts of life in war-torn Ukraine come from the woman and children who experienced the onslaught of an unprovoked invasion. As these woman and children flee their beloved homes from Ukrainian towns like Kyiv and Kharkiv, Operation Blessing is there to help victims of the Ukraine refugee crisis.

As we meet them at the Polish border north of Ukraine, our goal is to comfort them after their harrowing and stressful journeys. Many sit down and talk with us as they arrive. Their voices are filled with trepidation and sadness as they describe the tragic circumstances that forced them to leave their homeland for such an uncertain future. Ksenia is one of those stories.

Forced To Flee Her Country

Ksenia is a mother from the Ukraine who originally did not see the need to leave the country. As the reality of war set in, that attitude quickly changed. A shell hit the street she lived on. This would not be the end of the danger she or her children would face.

Two utility poles fell, likely from structural problems caused by shelling or other military activity. This resulted in a blackout situation for her and her family with no electricity or communication. It created a terrifying predicament as the once peaceful landscape around them degenerated into chaos. Sadly, things would only get worse.

Homes nearby were soon on fire. Streets her children could easily have been walking or playing on with their friends were attacked. Then a shell hit the home next to them. War was becoming a way of life.

These were not just images on television or warnings read over the internet. This was the sound of bombs smashing into brick, stone, and mortar. Vibrations of explosions shaking the floor under them. Sounds they came to dread as they waited and prayed that the whistling in the air would not be the last thing they heard.

Any doubt about how deadly the situation had become was now erased in Ksenia’s mind. She and her children were in mortal danger. The young Ukrainian mother would have to do what any mother in the world would do. She had to flee.

Going Into The Unknown

Now she had to make a long uncertain journey with her children to Poland. A country she knew little about. A strange place with a language she does not speak. Her only options were take a risk into the unknown or stay in a city that was being shelled. Terrifying choices for anyone. Where would she go? What was waiting for her in Poland? How would she comfort her children when they asked her what was happening?

But Kindness and Compassion Were Waiting For Them…Not Fear

Operation Blessing, supported by the outpouring of love from so many friends like you, is there to welcome woman like Ksenia when they arrive in Poland. A team from Operation Blessing works daily to comfort the many victims of the Ukraine refugee crisis. They provide food, supplies, and comfort. Their message to the Ukrainian refugees is very clear. You are not forgotten. Thousands of people care for you and your children.

Ksenia’s Reaction

Ksenia is very grateful that so many have partnered with Operation Blessing to help foster a sense of safety and peace. She is grateful for the love and support. She sums up the sentiment beautifully with this comment:

I didn’t expect that the whole world is praying for Ukraine, everyone cares about us, we are also praying.

-Ksenia, a young mother and refugee from Ukraine

You Are The Hands And Feet That Can Answer Prayer

For those who have given, we at Operation Blessing are so grateful. Your faithfulness is inspiring. For the staff and volunteers in Poland and the Ukraine, our prayers go with you. Thank you for your contributions and your endless support. As the spirit moves you please continue your commitment to support mothers like Ksenia and her family through this terrible situation.

Go to and show your continued support.

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