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Field Report by Operation Blessing



Virginia Beach, VA (March 1, 2022) – On Wednesday, March 2, Operation Blessing’s International Disaster Relief team will depart from Norfolk and travel to Poland to help with the massive wave of refugees near the border with Ukraine. 

As of today, the United Nations has reported 377,000 refugees have entered Poland, with 50,000 more arriving daily.

Once they arrive on Thursday, the Operation Blessing team will set up a hub for emergency relief efforts to help the wave of refugees that are fleeing from the violence in Ukraine. Led by Diego Traverso, director of International Disaster Relief, the team also includes a medical doctor and a logistics expert. They will be bringing relief supplies from Operation Blessing’s Chesapeake warehouse, including water filtration devices, solar lamps, and hygiene kits which will be distributed to refugees who are staying in camps near the Polish-Ukraine border.

Efforts To Help Ukraine Refugees

Operation Blessing also plans to set up medical clinics near the border, and coordinate the distribution of food, hygiene kits, and water to those in tent camps. 

Operation Blessing continues its efforts inside Ukraine, with teams on the ground in the cities of Kiev and Krasnohorivka. Since the violence began last week, Operation Blessing has distributed emergency supplies including food kits, bottled water, and electric generators. 

Operation Blessing and its parent organization, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), have been working in the conflict zone of eastern Ukraine, including the city of Donetsk and the village of Chasiv Yar, since 2014 (note – CBN began the operations there, then the work was assigned to Operation Blessing in 2018). Operations have since broadened to include Kiev and other cities throughout Ukraine.

To donate to the relief efforts, go to

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  • Steve Farrand says:

    We can adopt a Ukranian Woman… without kids. My wife & I have a huge place in Lancaster, California. Thank You Very Much !!!

    • Dina Sleiman says:

      That’s so kind of you! I just wanted to answer and say that Operation Blessing’s outreach will be focused on disaster relief in Poland and Ukraine, so you might want to reach out to a different organization with that offer. Many Blessings!

  • I have local friends in UK who are driving to the Polish border with Ukraine to take help.
    What THINGS are the most important to send?

    • Operation Blessing says:

      From what we’re hearing hygiene items, food, and warm clothes and blankets are all very helpful right now. It’s very cold in Poland.

  • Have men and women clothing in good condition to donate already boxed. Where can I take them or have them picked up.

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Thank you for your heart to give, Denise. Operation Blessing does not offer this service. We are actively helping Ukrainians, however we are not shipping donated items from the states at this time. God bless you.

  • Ruth Ann Palmer says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to help these dear people.

  • Dr. Martin R. Moreira says:

    Under orders from The Lord have attempted 3 times to make a $5,000.00 donation for relief help for Ukrainian war victims and needs in Ukrania. Not possible to do.

    • Operation Blessing says:

      God bless you for your kind heart. If you are having difficulty with the donation form, you can make a donation over the phone at 800.730.2537 or by mail.

  • Jim Brennan says:

    Can I make a donation on-line specifically for Ukraine Relief?

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Right now Ukraine is our primary crisis outreach. However if you want to ensure that your donation goes to Ukraine only, you could call 800.730.2537 and make a designated gift by phone, or you could send a check with Ukraine in the memo. Blessings.

  • Mary A Tagney says:

    My friends and I want to join a cause on the ground. Is their an age cutoff to volunteer in Poland to help with this crises?  What organizations do this with people who have worked professionally in mental health and speech pathologies.  

  • How to make a donation by check who to make it out to and where to send it. 

  • My prayers are raised to our LORD for all Ukrainians & military fighting for your country, to keep everyone safe & meet your needs . Place angels all around to protect you . That Putin will be stopped in Jesus name !!!! Amen 🙏