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How to Cook Honduran Chicken Tostadas!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HONDURAS – Welcome to beautiful Honduras! Today, Hilda will show you how to cook the delicious Chicken Tostadas from our Healthy Recipes Booklet, which you can access for free at This simple tostada recipe is sure to please both young and old.

To start this tostada recipe, make a simple marinade using spices, vinegar, lime juice, and more. Letting the chicken marinade overnight is the key to flavorful tostadas! Then, fry up the chicken until it’s golden-brown and crispy. While the chicken cooks, make the healthy salsa. Now you’re ready to assemble the tostadas. Take a pre-toasted tortilla, add the chicken and the salsa, and viola! Delicious, authentic Honduran tostadas.

Because of your love, families in Honduras are being fed through Operation Blessing’s hunger relief programs. You are providing food packages and life-changing microenterprises for families who struggle to put food on the table. If you enjoyed this Honduran Chicken Tostadas recipe be sure to get a copy of our free summer recipes booklet mailed to you at no charge! Thank you for your incredible support to feed the hungry in Honduras and around the world!

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