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Food, Dignity, And Hope After An Earthquake

Field Report by Operation Blessing

MOROCCO – Just as 14-year-old Oumaima’s family settled in for a good night’s rest, suddenly the shaking began. Cups and plates clacked, and items started leaping from their shelves. The crash of glass breaking mingled with muffled shouts as the walls and roof groaned. Panicked, Oumaima and the others fled for their lives. In the days to come, it would again be YOUR kindness that brought hope after an earthquake.

Morocco earthquake recovery

Thankfully, her family made it out safely. But they had nothing to go home to. “Our house was completely destroyed, and not just our house, but every house in the village,” Oumaima shared, vividly remembering that terrible night.

The village of Ait Said was one of many remote mountain villages in western Morocco that was completely destroyed by the 6.8-magnitude earthquake. The September event was the strongest to hit Morocco in more than a century, and its destruction reached even to some of the ancient parts of Marrakesh more than 40 miles away from the epicenter.

Earthquake recovery efforts in Morocco

Worse than the structural damage is the reality that thousands of people were killed or hurt in the quake. Sadly, these rural communities rarely have much access to medical care as it is, so many people with earthquake injuries were in serious danger.

Thanks to your support, our international disaster relief staff began working to transport critical supplies to the mountains where the need was greatest, and it was there that we got the chance to help the injured. Operation Blessing gathered our volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world and formed skilled medical brigades.

Another pressing need was for food. The earthquake decimated stores and roads, and people had no way to quickly restock. So faithful Operation Blessing supporters sent food bags to bless families. When these grateful survivors opened the parcels full of staples like rice, tuna, lentils, and oil, it made their day.

charity helping in Morocco


As people’s hunger was eased, they began to have a brighter outlook on life and a better chance to survive and work toward restoration. But clean water and sanitation still presented significant obstacles, especially for people living in tents.

Our team of experts immediately set to work creating a solution by providing water filters to families so they could safely drink, cook, and bathe. Then we installed bathrooms with sinks for better hygiene—all thanks to you. Now, displaced Moroccans can wash their hands and live with dignity even in temporary shelters.

Hope After An Earthquake Through Compassion

The difference compassionate givers like you are making in Morocco is astounding. You’re helping bring joy to their world during a painful time. A resident named Mohammed shared his gratitude: “Thank you, guys, for helping us with food, water, tents, and clothes. People are coming from around the world to help us. Thank you so much for wanting to help us in our time of need.”

hope after an earthquake in Morocco

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