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How to Cook Mexican Shrimp Aguachile

Field Report by Kate Hartsock

MEXICO — Did you know that you can cook shrimp using only lime juice and a little time? It’s true! In this video, Sissi and Paco will show you how to make traditional Mexican Shrimp Aguachile, a classic recipe that is sure to please. You will need a pound of fresh shrimp and 5-10 limes to start. Squeeze the juice from the limes and make sure all the shrimp are covered in juice. Leave the shrimp to sit for awhile, or overnight. Because of the acid in the lime juice, the shrimp will “cook” and are perfectly safe to eat. But, you can sauté them if you prefer.

Next comes the salsa. Using serrano chilies, garlic, and lots of fresh cilantro, this flavorful salsa packs a punch. Blend up the vegetables with a little lime juice and salt to the consistency of pesto. To finish, slice up some red onions, cucumbers, and avocado, and toss together with shrimp. All done! Serve with chips and eat with friends.

Because of your love, families in Mexico are being fed through Operation Blessing’s hunger relief programs. You are providing food packages and life-changing microenterprises for families who struggle to put food on the table. If you enjoyed this Mexican Shrimp Aguachile salad recipe be sure to get a copy of our free summer recipes booklet mailed to you at no charge! Thank you for your incredible support to feed the hungry in Latin America and around the world!

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