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How Your Love Transforms Lives in the Peruvian Highlands

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – If the vista a person sees from his front door were an indicator of wealth and happiness, then Jacinto should have been a rich and contented man. Surrounded by towering mountains in the Peruvian highlands, he cares for his herd of sheep in this lovely spot. Jacinto lives in a distant community located about three hours away from beautiful Lake Titicaca.

However, the 68-year-old sheepherder and his camera-shy wife, Juana, faced harsh realities. Situated in such remote spots, indigenous communities like theirs are made up of isolated, vulnerable people. They had no running water at their home, and they had to make long, grueling treks to fetch water for drinking, washing, and cooking—but the water was not even clean.

“We suffer a lot because of this,” Jacinto said. “Sometimes we got sick because we didn’t know the water wasn’t good for us. But,” he pointed out, “what else can we do—we still have to walk to get water. I want my wife to rest, but sometimes I get tired and she helps me.”

water projects in peruvian highland area

A Water System in the Peruvian Highlands

Fortunately, Operation Blessing reached the people of Osocco with great news for every member of this rugged community. With help from friends like you, our staff built a pumped water system that would take the water from its source to a reservoir, then filter and treat it—allowing clean water to be piped to each house!

And, because of your generous gifts, we also provided biodigester bathrooms next to each house. Thanks to donors like you with loving hearts, after so many years of suffering Jacinto and Juana had their lives changed forever.

“I can’t believe we have water. I can’t believe we have a bathroom.” Jacinto rejoiced. “Thank you so much, my friends. God bless you all!”

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