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Meet Nikki and Andy: Hunger Relief

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Drug addiction can have a powerful hold on people. Nikki describes her experience with it as being “close to death.”

Before Andy met Nikki, he battled with drug use as well, and at one point he felt he had reached the end of his rope.

Hunger Relief During Rehabilitation

They eventually both found themselves at Faith Home, a rehabilitation ministry that partners with Operation Blessing. Thanks to friends like you, Nikki and Andy never had to worry about food insecurity or hunger relief during rehabilitation.

Operation Blessing provided healthy food and support so they could focus on recovery from the bondage of drug addiction. The gift of hunger relief during rehabilitation helped reduce strain that could have been detrimental to Nikki or Andy’s long-term health.

Because of your kindness, they were able to turn their lives around. While at Faith Home, these two found Jesus, freedom from addiction, and a new life with each other!

Now married with children, Nikki and Andy are employed full-time with a church, supporting their family and giving thanks to God for their health and future.

You can offer support and hope to families like Nikki and Andy’s by making a gift today at

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