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Eastern Star is Feeding Elizabeth City

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Distributing food from Operation Blessing, Eastern Star Church has been providing hunger relief in North Carolina for people in need. Thanks to giving from our generous partners, Eastern Star Church has been helping people in Elizabeth City for more than 15 years. Likewise, when hardship hits, food insecurity is often not far behind. Now due to COVID-19, the issue of hunger relief in North Carolina is greater. There are people in Eastern Star’s area struggling with hunger. The church serves many people who wake up in the morning wondering what they are going to eat that day. Faithfully, Eastern Star provides food to help mitigate that hunger.

Latoya is a mother who works two jobs to provide for her daughter, Zakeya, an honor student. Sadly, Latoya’s hours got cut when COVID-19 hit the United States. Hope was not lost though. Eastern Star Church was happy to help her bridge the gaps created by limited income. They made sure she had nutritious food on her family’s table.

Some aid recipients have turned into volunteers over the years. These volunteers now return the joy and hope given to them by the ministry. They provide hunger relief in North Carolina to many people. Thanks to YOU, struggling men, women, and children in Elizabeth City are now able to put food on the table during tough times. Thank you! To get involved, visit

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