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Preparing Aid as Hurricane Matthew Threatens Haiti

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HAITI – Operation Blessing is preparing to help disaster victims as Hurricane Matthew threatens Haiti. The Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 mph is projected to hit Haiti in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Operation Blessing is tracking the storm and preparing for its landfall. We have already taken proactive steps in Haiti to help warn residents in vulnerable areas to evacuate, develop shelter plans and ready our teams to immediately assist hurricane victims once the storm passes.

Children are particularly at risk during a hurricane of this magnitude, and the kids of Zanmi Beni Children’s Home in Haiti are one of our top priorities. We have stocked up food for the children and are carefully monitoring the situation as it develops.

In the village of Medan Belize, residents have been invited to use the school built by Operation Blessing as a shelter during and after the storm.

On top of the threat posed by high winds and torrential rains, Hurricane Matthew brings the risk of another cholera outbreak. Recently, cholera cases have spiked 30% in Haiti, and floodwaters will only contribute to spreading the disease. We have fired up our chlorine generators and are prepared to distribute gallons of disinfectant to homes and businesses to help stop the spread.

Please join us in praying for those in the path of Hurricane Matthew as we all keep careful watch on the storm.

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