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“The Greatest Need Is Safe Water” – Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Operation Blessing Haiti’s staff on the ground flew to Jeremie, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew to provide MSR SE-200 and H2gO chlorine generators that can be used to purify much needed drinking water as well as provide sterilization to stave off the spread of cholera, the deadly disease that always seems to rear its ugly head during the rainy season.

They also brought with them a 22 pound case of badly needed amoxicillin, six pounds of salt and a 15 pound bag of tools—the weight is important because the small four-seat airplane has very specific weight restrictions. Every person, box and bag was weighed before being allowed on the plane, so each pound of cargo selected was extremely important.

The chlorine generators, in particular, are a fantastic tool. They can be flown into areas that are hard to reach with big box trucks or large airplanes and have a huge impact.


The Need For Water In Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Water is paramount to human life. No time is that more apparent than after a storm strikes and people find themselves without it. Haiti after Hurricane Matthew was in need of fresh safe drinkable water. Providing clean water is a big part of hurricane relief.  A big aspect of storm recovery is providing the basic needs of people facing life without them. The donations and support of Operation Blessing partners and friends helped provide water after the destruction of this powerful storm.

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