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Operation Blessing partners are true heroes who reach out to hurricane victims during their darkest hours with compassion, love, and hope. Because of friends like you, Operation Blessing can offer hurricane relief to areas devastated by these storms. Your donations allow us to provide for immediate hurricane recovery needs including:

  • Emergency food
  • Water
  • Supplies for shelters
  • Medical care
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Hygiene Facilities
  • Infant Care Items
  • Medications

Your donations also enable us to keep warehouses full of these supplies, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice into areas struggling to restore normal life. You make it possible for our hurricane relief and recovery logistics staff to get care and support to the people who need it most.

Long-term Hurricane Relief Efforts

You also meet the hurricane relief needs after a storm damages an entire community. Often people forget about natural disasters after the initial media hype dies down. But Operation Blessing stays until the job is finished. Communities require extended care to undo the effects of storm surge, flooding and high impact winds. Your faithful friendship and help provide:

  • Damage removal
  • Home rebuilding
  • Help revitalizing the local economy
  • Assistance getting individuals back on their feet

Operation Blessing’s Track Record of Hurricane Relief

Operation Blessing has a decades-long track record of successfully getting aid to victims and communities suffering after a hurricane. The following section provides information about our relief efforts during several recent noteworthy hurricanes.

For most of the world 2020 was a challenging and tumultuous year. Sadly, the hurricane season was no different. With a record number of hurricanes, the destruction during 2020 hit hard. In the United States many residents in the Gulf Coast faced storm after storm, with little time to recover in between. So many tropical systems formed, that they exhausted our normal alphabet names and moved into Greek letters. Even late in the season, hurricane activity threatened lives and destroyed property in Central America with Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota.

Operation Blessing responded to needs as they arose after the storms. The generosity of our partners helped us provide relief to victims of:

  • Hurricane Isaias
  • Hurricane Laura
  • Hurricane Sally
  • Hurricane Delta
  • Hurricane Eta
  • Hurricane Iota

Below you’ll find individual stories of how your kindness helped provide hurricane relief efforts for people in need.


Hurricane Laura

One of the earlier hurricanes of 2020, Hurricane Laura, brought massive damage to the Gulf region of the United States. Laura stands as a good example of just how much has to be recovered after a powerful storm descends unto an area, and Operation Blessing remained on the scene long after the storm. These articles about Hurricane Laura show the human side of how your partnership with Operation Blessing helps people when they are facing such a struggle.

Hurricane Laura Preparation & Deployment

Due to the massive size of hurricane systems, our modern meteorological equipment allows us to predict the onset of these weather phenomena days, if not weeks, in advance. This enables many residents time to evacuate and prevent loss of human life. It also gives Operation Blessing time to deploy. While we prepare disaster supplies throughout the year, the period when a hurricane begins its approach offers us time to finalize those preparations and move into position to help the embattled area.

“Preparing for Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief” chronicles the efforts taken by a disaster relief organization during the calm before the storm. This part of disaster relief involves planning and moving equipment and supplies into position just outside the predicted disaster zone. This way we are able to begin providing relief to people in need expediently after the hurricane passe.

OB Ready for Volunteers in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

One thing that remained constant throughout the recovery after Hurricane Laura and other storms of the 2020 hurricane season was the need volunteers. Disaster volunteers form the backbone of our storm response. These faithful and compassionate individuals coming to the aid of people in need make a huge difference. From hauling away debris to distributing supplies, our volunteers provide tremendous support, love, and encouragement for embattled victims. This offers them a ray of light in their darkest hours, and gives them hope that life might actually return to normal.

hurricane sally relief

Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally struck in early September 2020. Like Laura it passed through the Gulf of Mexico, terrorizing residents in the Gulf Coast of The United States. As with Laura, the generosity of partners and friends like you provided us with the resources to help people in the region.

 Here are some of the stories of how your love made a difference.

 “Up Until Today, We’ve Been On Our Own.”

If you ever had any doubt about what one donation, one volunteer, one prayer, or even one bag of ice could make, this article is a great read.

When Sally tore through the Gulf region, many people were on their own. Keep in mind this was 2020. Between lock downs, disease fears, and an active hurricane season, resources were pressed thin. The concern of spreading the virus made a disaster response particularly challenging. But thanks to you, Operation Blessing found a way.

“Up until today, we’ve been on our own.” Pastor Josh Lipscomb said these words about his community in the Pensacola area. There, the vast majority of residents found themselves without power. And no power meant no refrigeration. Meanwhile, Florida is still hot and humid in early September. The combination of COVID and storm panic meant the grocery store shelves laid empty. Simply put, no refrigeration meant much of their food would be ruined. However, YOU did not let that happen. Your contributions showed up in the form of Operation Blessing Hurricane relief.

Our relief efforts provided many vital supplies, but most importantly, ice! This ice helped local families to keep their food from spoiling. You might not consider that a bag of ice could help someone in dire need, but it did. Such a small gift can make a huge difference.


Hurricane Delta

Here’s a quick background on hurricane names. The names are preset each season to represent each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. That’s enough to cover all of the storms in a normal hurricane season. However, in 2020 so many hurricanes struck, that the later ones were actually given Greek names.

Once again, the communities in the Gulf needed help. They had already faced multiple hurricanes, and they were still battling COVID. When we asked for contributions and volunteers again, you did not hesitate. You were there to help. Your steadfastness provided food, water, and critical disaster supplies to people bewildered by a 2020 that showed no mercy.

Hurricanes Iota and Eta

Hurricane season 2020 did not taper off as the late summer or even the early fall months arrived. Storms Iota and Eta struck Central America later in the year. Particularly, Hurricane Eta at category 4, did untold damage to the region. Massive flooding decimated whole neighborhoods. People already in the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, found themselves without homes. Most had little to no resources. That is where you reached deep and continued to give.

Your love arrived in an overflow of blessings. Because of your kindness, we were able to provide essentials for hurricane victims who had lost nearly everything. We were able to provide:

  • sleeping mats
  • bedding
  • hygiene kits
  • diapers
  • food
  • clean water

Thank you for being the difference to Hurricane victims.

Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian demolished the Bahamas. Tearing through the islands in 2019, the combination of flooding, precipitation, storm surge, and massive winds did more damage than any other storm to hit the islands since hurricanes have been recorded. Fortunately, Operation Blessing partners made it possible for us to quickly reach out with storm preplanning efforts, hurricane relief efforts, and of course our trademark long-term hurricane recovery initiatives.

By no means easy due to the challenge of getting supplies to the island, this relief effort was a labor of love thanks to a great outpouring of compassion and support from friends like you. Your gifts became blessings to the men, women and children suffering after Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian Relief Articles

Hurricane Florence Relief

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas of the United States. As with many hurricanes, the amount of destruction and heartbreak proved massive. Hurricanes are so large it is difficult to conceive of storms that are the size of 2 or 3 states in width ranging thousands of feet high—or the resulting power and damage.

Nonetheless, every individual impacted by a storm like Florence has a story to tell. Here is a link to an article that talks about the impact of this storm on one family and how your support of helped bring them comfort and encouragement.

Hurricane Florence Articles

Relief after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria lives in infamy after devastating the island of Puerto Rico in 2017. It’s considered the worst storm to ever hit the island. This storm caused thousands of deaths, and it created the need for one of the most concentrated hurricane relief and recovery efforts in history. It left many residents without power and clean water for months, and the negative impact of the storm is still felt into the present day.

As our Operation Blessing friends and partners, you undertook the staggering effort to help provide solar lights, water, food, supplies and more to the people of Puerto Rico. The following articles demonstrate the generosity and dedication of our Operation Blessing friends.

Hurricane Maria Articles

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey in 2017 did tremendous damage to Texas, as it devastated the Houston area with flooding and high winds. Your support of Operation Blessing provided extensive supplies and equipment to help those in need. These relief efforts are critical to bring stability back to a community after a hurricane.

Helping One Person at a Time after Harvey

The widespread destruction brought on by hurricanes like Harvey can make it easy to overlook the fact that hurricane relief and recovery comes down to helping individuals. This article shares Operation Blessing’s focus on helping victims…one person at a time. It explains how we helped a widow recover after the storm destroyed parts of her home.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Articles

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