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Relief for Desperate Hurricane Victim

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BUENA VISTA, HONDURAS – In late 2020, two hurricanes tore through Honduras with deadly force. The storms caused great need for hurricane victim relief. Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota struck within a month and a half of each other. Brutal winds and damaging flooding changed lives forever. Because the hurricanes were so close, the community of Buena Vista suffered immense damage. Maria Paz, a resident of Buena Vista, spoke to Operation Blessing staff about her experience. She told us that her neighborhood was the most damaged in the area. “They called me to tell me that I had to leave the house, all the people had already evacuated their houses.” said Maria. Maria’s neighbors were worried about her, since she was the only one who didn’t immediately evacuate.

Thankfully, Maria survived the hurricanes. However, her home and community were left ravaged. Maria has no way to access her home at the moment, because the hurricanes washed so much away. The landslides buried many houses in Buena Vista. Maria and her neighbors were left without hope.

Helping Desperate Hurricane Victims

But you have a heart for victims of disaster like Maria! Thanks to your generous support, Maria and her neighbors received an amazing gift of hope. You provided food, hygiene kits, and first aid to suffering families. Thanks to you, Maria and her neighbors have the support they need to start taking the first steps to recovery. Maria is so grateful for your help! “God has not abandoned us, and has blessed us!” She said. “God bless the people who have felt in their hearts to donate to help us!

Your incredible generosity is providing hurricane victim relief to those who have lost so much. Gifts of hope, like the one you gave Maria, have made a profound difference. From hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and refugee crises, Operation Blessing is so grateful for your support. To learn more about giving to victims of disaster, click here. Thank you, and God Bless!

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