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“We lost clothes. We lost food. We lost a lot.”

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENTUCKY- Operation Blessing visited Chasity Mullins, a single mother of four, at the home she inherited from her grandmother in Jenkins, KY. The night of the Kentucky flood, her 11-year-old son woke her screaming that there was water all over the floor. She described it as a “muddy river” flowing through her house. Chasity immediately told her boys to find their shoes and get out of the house. While the two oldest boys were able to escape safely by themselves, Chasity had to carry her youngest over the rising Kentucky flood waters.

When the waters receded, she discovered she has no idea just how badly her home has been damaged. Chasity shared that she had already been struggling to make ends meet before the flood due to high inflation, and now in the aftermath of the flood, she doesn’t know how she will make it.

Like many affected by this historic flood, she’s overwhelmed by recovery plans. The night before Operation Blessing called, Chasity remembers lying in her bed fretting about how she was going to begin the necessary removal of debris remaining in her home after the Kentucky flood.

She believes God answered her prayers by sending Operation Blessing to her house. Operation Blessing has been on the ground in several damaged areas offering physical assistance, supplies, and encouragement.

With the help of our partners, Operation Blessing is committed to being there alongside families trying to get back on their feet. In the midst of all of the chaos, Chasity is trusting God, because she has seen Him at work!

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