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Mother Faces A Drought in Africa

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENYA – “Just this week I have gone for four days without any food.”

That’s what Nempaso had to say about the situation in her area. She lives with her children in the Arapal Village of northern Kenya. Recently this village began experiencing a severe drought in Africa. It has devastated her community. Animals are left without water, crops are not growing, and many families are struggling with severe hunger.

Days Without Food Due To Drought

Nempaso did everything she could to alleviate the burden on her children due to the drought in Africa. She would often give them a cup of water and send them to bed. Nempaso never wanted to reveal that they had to no food to her children. She knew it would just devastate them. But her options were limited and time to find nutrition to stay alive was running out.

But that’s when YOUR love stepped in! When Operation Blessing learned of Nempaso’s situation, our staff delivered food supplies to her family and her neighbors! Nempaso could not believe her eyes, as she as her children praised God for the abundance your kindness provided. Thank you! TO learn how you can get involved, visit

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