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You Gave New Life to Human Trafficking Victims

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

THAILAND – Let’s take a trip to the Mekong region of Thailand where you offer new life. In this river basin area full of forests, wetlands, and rare wildlife, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a rich tapestry of tribes, cultures and languages as well.

You’ll also notice that as the modern world collided with ancient tribes in this beautiful region, problems developed. When Mekong became more urbanized, poverty levels rose in the villages. Today, young women often leave their homes in search of work. But without being fluent in the Thai language—and in many cases not having legal citizenship papers—these girls become targets for human traffickers.

Young Women at Risk for Abuse and Human Trafficking

Native village girls from Thailand

But as you continue to explore this region, you’ll see a bright spot in the troubling situation. Through Operation Blessing’s partnership with New Life Center Foundation, YOU make a huge difference in the lives of trafficked, exploited and vulnerable young women in Thailand. Thanks to your support, the center provides a home, medical care, counseling, advocacy and skills training to help the girls start a brand new life. The center also conducts anti-trafficking campaigns and holds classes in vocational skills. This helps protect other village girls from ever falling prey to human traffickers in the first place.

Human trafficking victim given new life and learning to sew

Laina* arrived at New Life after being sexually abused and giving birth to a child at the tender age of 11. When she arrived, she felt worthless. She said, “I felt irreparable, like a piece of glass that had been shattered.”

Anti-Trafficking Initiatives

But thanks to the care and support you provided through Operation Blessing and New Life, Laina has come a long way over the past two years. She’s experienced restoration through counseling and therapeutic activities. She’s learning to read, write, sew and bake. Laina now says, “I’m finding clarity and relief about what happened, and about my own feelings. I’m learning new, healthy ways to think and gaining confidence in my own value.”

Eating a meal

That’s the difference you’ve made in the lives of Laina and so many other girls like her. Thank you for partnering with Operation Blessing to support such vital and life-changing programs around the world.

*Name changed to protect victim’s identity

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