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Operation Blessing Aids Refugee House in Poland

Field Report by Operation Blessing

POLAND – Imagine having to flee your home and travel to a place you’ve never been. The peace you once knew with the family you love is suddenly upended by the horrors of war. Now you must do everything you can to get to safety. What will you do? Where will you go? These are the questions Ania and her family had to face when they were forced to leave their hometown due to the war in Ukraine.

While so many are troubled by the war in Ukraine, children are especially affected. Their sense of safety and security is shaken, and fear and worry set in. As the war continues in Ukraine, more and more families are displaced and fleeing from the violence.

Shelter At A Refugee House In Poland

Thanks to the generosity of partners like you, Operation Blessing is able to meet families like Ania’s and offer them support. Through help from Operation Blessing and our partner Orphan’s Promise, refugees like Ania are given access to a clean safe shelter. Aid going to this refugee house in Poland is essential to people who have been displaced from their homes.

Thanks to your kindness, so many families with young children now have a warm place to stay, enjoy meals, and be encouraged. Your continued support also allows Operation Blessing to offer critical supplies and information for the journey ahead.

Please continue to pray for Ukrainian families and show your support to crisis victims today.

refugee house in poland

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