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OB’s Light & Lean Summer Cookbook!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

It’s Tuesday night—dinnertime again. Time to feed the family between finishing up work reports, picking up the kids from practice, and remembering to walk the dog. Do you really want the same old recipes that you’ve made dozens of times? Wouldn’t a summer cookbook with incredible international recipes liven up a sometimes boring mealtime?

Forget the predictable meatloaf or pot pie dish! Your family wants something fresh and new! How about a summer cookbook with scrumptious authentic international recipes. Presenting Operation Blessing’s “Light & Lean” summer recipe booklet!

Delve into a world of taste and culture, hand-selected from countries around the world. Impress your friends, family, or colleagues with these authentic dishes, as you cook recipes directly from the kitchens of locals around the world! Whatever your taste or occasion calls for, turn to the pages of flavor-filled recipes passed down to families like the ones that our generous partners continue to bless. Get your to Operation Blessing “Light & Lean” International Recipes Booklet today to spice up your summer!

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