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Polish Churches Working With You To Aid Ukraine Families

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKRAINE – While the dangers of war are driving Ukrainian families from their homes, neighbor Poland welcomes refugees with open arms. By the thousands, refugees are fleeing violence. Some have nowhere to go.

However, with support from you, something can be done. Every day, Operation Blessing teams see stories of fear and despair being turned into stories of hope and safety. Thanks to the gifts from friends like you, we can partner with local churches to offer rest, warm food, and a place to plan next steps to thousands of refugees.

Polish Churches Aid Ukraine Families

Local churches have made a stand of solidarity with crisis victims by offering shelter and comfort. Polish churches are working to assist Ukrainian families in desperate need.

As Polish churches aid Ukraine families, your support of Operation Blessing is making this possible. When refugees cross the border, several have mentioned that they feel almost immediate relief. You ensure there are dozens of smiling faces, volunteer hands offering assistance, and supplies ready to be distributed. Your support arrives immediately and positively affecting families whose lives were changed in an instant by violence and invasion.

Thank you for your continued support. Please consider giving a special gift to crisis victims today.

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