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Preparing for Hurricane Ida

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UNITED STATES – Hurricane Ida has strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. Preparing for Hurricane Ida has became critical as the size of the storm threatens to batter anything in its path. Making landfall, powerful winds lashed the coastline stretching from Texas to the Florida panhandle. Life-threatening storm surge warnings are in effect for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi. Roads and access points that are essential for transportation to and from populated areas will soon be submerged and remaining structures littered with damage and debris.

Hasty Preparations For Hurricane Ida Destruction

These residents are no stranger to storms or hurricanes. Preparing for Hurricane Ida forced the evacuation of many people who feared its destructive power. But while they are away, belongings, homes, and communities are at risk of extreme damage.

Operation Blessing’s United States Disaster Relief team has deployed to our warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. They are loading up on supplies to meet the needs of affected residents when the storm passes. Please continue to pray for residents in the path of Hurricane Ida, as well as volunteers and staff who are heading towards the storm. To learn how you can bless the victims of Ida with hurricane relief, visit or text “OBDR” to 71777.

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  • Hi my name is Robert and my wife and I have helped partner with Operation Blessing,CBN, and Orphans Promise  because we know for sure that you guys are indeed on the ground helping people in need and for that we believe in your ministry. Can you guys please help us we are from Houma,LA too and our home suffered roof damage and mold is growing all on the walls we do believe its fixable but we really don’t know because we have never rebuilt before and we really love our home but we don’t know when or if we’ll be able to live in it again. Right now we’re still evacuated at a hotel in El Dorado,Arkansas until October but after that date we’re not sure what’s going to happen. We can’t believe this has happened to us after losing our home to Katrina in 2005 an now this on the very same exact date of the anniversary of Katrina is really devastating if you can help in anyway even if it’s to help adequately tarp the roof I promise you it would be beyond anything I could ask think or imagine I know you guys do whatever you can for people and for that I am grateful Thank you for the work you do All over the world and thank you for helping people here in my community as well. I moved here in 2007 a little after Katrina and from what I hear, folks here have never experienced this level of destruction and neither have I. I just pray for a SPEEDY recovery for all of us and much Thanks to  Operation Blessing and all the other boots on the ground helping to assist in this recovery process.

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Hi Robert, So sorry to hear that! I will pass this along to our US Disaster team. You can also call 1-800-730-2537 or Life Church in Houma to request help. Many blessings to you and your family during this difficult time.

  • I wanted to come help but was told they couldn’t give me a place to lay my head at night! I don’t know where to stay or where to go.

  • Good afternoon Operation Blessing!
    My name is Tammy. I was wondering if you need any volunteers for anything while you’re in Louisiana? I live in Gray, Louisiana. I have my own transportation and live nearby. I enjoy helping if you will have me.