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Preparing for Hurricane Ida

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UNITED STATES – Hurricane Ida has strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. Preparing for Hurricane Ida has became critical as the size of the storm threatens to batter anything in its path. Making landfall, powerful winds lashed the coastline stretching from Texas to the Florida panhandle. Life-threatening storm surge warnings are in effect for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi. Roads and access points that are essential for transportation to and from populated areas will soon be submerged and remaining structures littered with damage and debris.

Hasty Preparations For Hurricane Ida Destruction

These residents are no stranger to storms or hurricanes. Preparing for Hurricane Ida forced the evacuation of many people who feared its destructive power. But while they are away, belongings, homes, and communities are at risk of extreme damage.

Operation Blessing’s United States Disaster Relief team has deployed to our warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. They are loading up on supplies to meet the needs of affected residents when the storm passes. Please continue to pray for residents in the path of Hurricane Ida, as well as volunteers and staff who are heading towards the storm. To learn how you can bless the victims of Ida with hurricane relief, visit or text “OBDR” to 71777.

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