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Relief for Displaced Families in Myanmar

Field Report by Operation Blessing

MYANMAR/THAILAND BORDER — The violence continues to worsen in the wake of a military coup, and many displaced families in Myanmar are fleeing to the Thailand border for safety. These victims have left everything behind to run for their lives. They desperately need food, medicine, and shelter. “They were shooting and the bullets fell beside us,” one displaced person told Operation Blessing staff. “The whole village ran away… we ran here to seek help.”

The new military government has been violently cracking down on opposing groups leading to a widespread humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

Many minorities who have greatly struggled in Myanmar for decades now face terrible persecution in their own country. Untold numbers have been forced to leave their belongings and their homes behind in search of safety. These Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have found refuge in camps along the Thailand border, but their needs remain great.

Those willing to stand up to the military also face violence and persecution, and their families can suffer too. As the soldiers go to fight the government forces, their families are often left to fend for themselves.

Thanks to your compassion, Operation Blessing is providing critical relief supplies to these desperate families, giving them hope and help in the midst of these extremely difficult times.  

The people of Myanmar need your help. Click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s efforts to help displaced families in Myanmar. Visit to get involved and bring aid to victims of disaster.

Around the world, Operation Blessing friends like you are shining the light of God’s love into some of the hardest and most difficult places. In Myanmar, and other hot spots of conflict and violence, Operation Blessing supporters are reaching out with powerful and effective humanitarian aid. Thank you for being a part of this important work.

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