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Today, Davina Can Run Without Rickets

Field Report by Operation Blessing

NIGERIA – It hurts to be judged before people really know you. Young Davina knew this all too well, as her severely bowed legs brought attention to her like a neon sign—but that didn’t dampen her spirits. This sweet 5-year-old girl was born with a condition called rickets, which made her legs misshapen. But she just kept moving, overcoming the difficulties she faced with an infectious smile and a passion for life.

charity help to afford surgery for Rickets

The Difficulty of Movement with Rickets

Full of energy, she loves to dance and doesn’t shy away from playing soccer and other games with friends. But it’s hard to stay on your feet when your legs won’t cooperate. She often ended up on the ground, battered and bruised. In fact, most days it hurt her just to get up and walk, but there was too much life to live for Davina to stay down. And while she might have come home with bruises, she got out there and tried her best to be part of the action.

This became all the harder, however, when people singled her out or ridiculed her. Davina’s mother, Saratu, shared, “Some days ago someone described my house by telling someone it was ‘the house with the girl who has bowed legs,’ and this made me cry.”

Aside from her condition, life was already challenging for Davina, her siblings, and her widowed mother. Her father had been sick and bedridden for two years, and then he passed away. Being ill for so long, he was unable to set them up for a life without his provision. Since he died, their family has barely survived on the support of others.

free from Rickets

Unable to Afford Surgery

Living in a small, underdeveloped town in Nigeria created even more obstacles for the family. Their area is out of the government eye and has very weak infrastructure—particularly where healthcare is concerned. It would have taken a miracle for Davina’s family to even access the facilities and physicians needed to give her corrective surgery—and that’s if they could have afforded it. Surgery to repair Davina’s legs was just one of many impossible dreams—until now.

God made a way, thanks to you! When our Nigerian surgery coordinator named Eyen met Davina, he knew there was hope for this precious girl. Because of your compassion, he and the rest of our life-changing surgeries team were able to connect Davina with skilled physicians and provide her with corrective surgery free of charge. Thanks to you, we were also able to be by Davina’s side throughout the process, to support and encourage and answer any questions.

Rickets surgery

Free from Rickets.. Because of You

Davina came through wonderfully, and her surgery turned out to be a tremendous success! Today, her legs are beautifully straight and she is free from rickets! She’s able to run and play with freedom and grace, and her future is looking bright— because you help make miracles happen.

“Thank you,” Saratu said, “for fixing my daughter’s legs. I have always dreaded the cost of having the corrective surgery for Davina. Right now, I am overwhelmed with joy, and I pray that God will greatly multiply Operation Blessing for the show of love.”

Davina Rickets recovery

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