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Sending Aid to the Elderly after Dangerous Flood

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA – Operation Blessing is in Buchanan County, Virginia, providing aid to the elderly after a flood. This is part of a larger relief effort for the thousands of residents across the county who’ve been affected by recent flooding. The disaster occurred mid-July and did untold amounts of damage to the area.

Operation Blessing responded to help beleaguered residents who found themselves displaced from their homes and without basic services. Teams have helped provide food, supplies, and manpower to those in need.

We’ve recently been at the residence of Mrs. Beulah Laime, a victim of the flooding. Her home was impacted when raging floodwaters deposited massive amounts of mud, sticks, and flood debris underneath. This, of course, poses a risk to the foundation of her home. Operation Blessing has been helping her and others in her area to remove the debris so they can get back to normal.

Her daughter Julie was overwhelmed at the response of Operation Blessing volunteers coming to provide aid to the elderly after the flood. The Operation Blessing team and disaster volunteers diligently cleared the flood debris both to protect the structure and to make the home accessible for electricity restoration.

Beulah has received a tremendous blessing, thanks to friends like you. Yet, there’s still much to do, and it is only possible with your help!

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