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Life To The Body 

Field Report by Operation Blessing

NIGERIA – “When I was a young girl, I often went to the stream to play,” Rhona said. But as she grew older, the long trek to the same stream became a struggle—because she had to carry heavy containers of water home to her mother. “One time, the weight of the water made my neck hurt so bad I just poured the water out and went home with an empty container.” On top of that, she knew she could get sick from the contaminated water. The very same water that was so difficult to access.

Later, as an adult, Rhona made the same long trek from her house to the stream to fetch water for her own family—four times a day! “Carrying the water home is so tiring,” she said. “I get home exhausted. And even though my body needs rest, I have to keep going, because there are always chores waiting.” 

contaminated water nigeria

Sick From The Contaminated Water

Even worse, the water she brings home is often contaminated. “It smells and tastes really bad,” said Rhona. “I feel terrible drinking that water and giving it to my family, but I have no choice because it’s all we have.” Her children would often get horrible stomachaches. When Rhona’s son was 3, he got very sick. “I thought he was going to die. I prayed all the time for God to send us help,” she said. “I’m thankful he survived.” 

When friends like you heard about their plight, your love reached out to help. Our expert water team evaluated their situation and found that in their case a well would be the most effective solution. They drilled the well near Rhona’s home. Then, our team taught a committee of villagers how to care for it and ensure that the community would have access to safe water for years to come. 

Rhona could not contain her delight. “When you came, we were all so grateful. We could not hold back our joy.” She beamed in gratitude. “I’ve never had this kind of water before. It feels like life to my body. Every time I drink it, I feel good and healthy.” 

Thanks to the compassion of friends like you, her children are no longer sick from the contaminated water. Her daughter can easily fetch clean water from the new well, giving Rhona more time to focus on her other chores. In addition, she says, “I have time to give my body rest and to hang out with my friends, something I couldn’t do before.” 

You have helped give Rhona and her children a new life. “Life is good,” Rhona said. “We are healthy, and we are happy. Thank you!” 

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