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Single Mom Blessed by Warehouse of Hope

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Angela is a single mom who loves spending time with her boys. They are 4 and 6 years old. A few years ago, Angela started her own in-home daycare. But when enrollment numbers began dwindling, bills began piling up. She was struggling financially and did not know where their next meal would come from. For many single mothers facing food insecurity, this is a common scenario. Food insecurity is a situation where you do not have a reliable source of nutritious food. In some cases it can lead to extreme hunger. 

But Angela’s friend told her about Operation Blessing partner, Warehouse of Hope. She was astounded by what she discovered. Thanks to YOU, Warehouse of Hope is filled with food and other supplies for struggling families. Warehouse of Hope, and places like it, help supply families who cannot afford enough food to feed themselves. This, of course, includes single mothers facing food insecurity like Angela. Thankfully, Angela was able to receive several bags full of food to feed her sons during tough times. 

Now Angela has a stable job working remotely. But she will never forget the blessing and joy she received from YOU in her time of need. Your partnership with Operation Blessing is making a difference. Your generosity and giving helps supply places like Warehouse Of Hope. This provides hunger relief for families in need. Thank you! To get involved, visit

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