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Single Woman Recovering From LA Floods

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Rita has lived in Lake Charles for most of her life. She is used to the turbulent and unpredictable weather that passes through Louisiana on a regular basis. But what she had never experienced before was a serious Louisiana flood. That all changed when a devastating flood hit Lake Charles.

Rita barely had time to process the news from a text message alert that a flood was coming before it was right at her door step. She lost power and the ability to flee from her home. Rita had to trek almost an hour to reach passable ground, where her son picked her up.

When the Louisiana flood waters subsided, Rita’s home was destroyed. Furniture, treasured belongings, and personal items were left soaked and strewn throughout her home. Walls were ruined and the floor was still sitting in a few inches of water. All of Rita’s neighbors were living the same nightmare, so there was no one around to help.

That is when your love arrived! Generous partners like you are supporting Operation Blessing teams and volunteers who deploy to disaster zones like Lake Charles. Our staff met Rita and immediately took action to assist her in mucking out her home, discarding debris, and drying her floors. Your kindness is galvanizing volunteers all across the country, supporting men and women as they help disaster victims. Thank you! To learn how you can get involved, visit

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