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Your Love Continues To Support Flood Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LOUISIANA – James has been a Lake Charles resident his entire life. In the past year he has lived through several bad hurricanes, including Laura and Rita. Storms are nothing new to this Louisiana native. But James has never experienced anything like the recent flood that swept through his area. Now he is a reminder of the need to support flood victims recovering from disaster.

The storm seemed to come out of nowhere. James didn’t realize the severity of the storm before the flood waters started to reach his knees in his home. He and his wife were sitting on the back of their couch when they realized their need for serious help. It was hours later when a boat arrived to rescue James and his wife.

His home was completely flooded on the inside. Walls, floors, and personal belongings were left soaked, stained, and molded by the time the waters subsided. The huge project of cleaning up loomed in front of James, seeming like an insurmountable task.

But thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing teams were poised to help! Your kindness supports volunteers like the ones who helped James in Louisiana. They assisted James and his neighbors in mucking out their homes, clearing debris, and with other tasks as they began to repair the damage. Thank you for your commitment to support flood victims! To learn how you can continue supporting disaster victims, visit

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