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Tornado Disaster Relief Makes a Difference

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ALABAMA – A severe tornado tore through the community of Cottonwood, AL, and an Operation Blessing disaster relief team deployed immediately to aid residents like Florence.

She shared her experience in the storm, saying, “The morning of the tornado, it was a horrible scare, because the sky had turned colors I had never witnessed before, and it was a sudden experience. A lot of damage was done to the property. One particular tree which fell on the side of my home actually fell over my bedroom.” She continued, “Sometimes in a case like this, you feel, ‘Wow, what? What do I do? How do I get that done?’”

Tornado Disaster Relief Makes an Impact

Florence’s daughter lives nearby and had already received help on her home. She told her mother about Operation Blessing. Florence told us, “I hadn’t heard of this organization prior to my daughter coming over and telling me. She saw the damage. She was with me for hours trying to just say, ‘Oh, mom, it is going to be all right. I trust Operation Blessing.'” The tornado disaster relief provided by Operation Blessing made a critical difference.

Backed by the generous support of our Operation Blessing partners, the team got to work right away on Florence’s property using much-needed heavy equipment to remove the fallen trees and debris from her home. Florence was elated. “I experienced kindness and people were actually eager to do the work. ‘What do you need? How can I help you?’ I feel comfortable that the work is superior. Once I look at and see that the huge amount of damage that’s been done, all I can do is say thank you.”

Your Generosity Touches Lives Through Operation Blessing

The critical aid given to residents like Florence is only possible with the ongoing generosity of your gifts. Your support quickly allows families to begin the journey to recovery. Florence shared with us the immense impact friends like you had on her life. “I will tell the donors how tremendously blessed I am because of the help from Operation Blessing and all of the service that they provided. Your donation is a gift from God. It is a gift from the heavens.”

She went on to share this encouragement. “Maybe some people have a gift. They don’t know how to share it. But we have something such as Operation Blessing already established and ready to receive donors, helpers, workers, food, clothes, whatever it is that they do to service the public. Step right up. They’re right there.” You can help even more families like Florence and her daughter when you partner with Operation Blessing at today!

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