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Transforming Lives for Patients in Need

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

TANZANIA – Meet adorable young Sadiki. His life has significantly changed—for the better—thanks to Operation Blessing friends like you. He is just one of the many happy people around the world to benefit from our powerful and transforming Life-Changing Surgeries (LCS) Program.

Sadiki's transforming surgery for his bowed legs will change his life.

Born into a low-income family in Tanzania, Sadiki is the youngest of four siblings. When this social and playful child was about one and a half, his mother started noticing a problem with his legs. At first they just seemed to curve slightly, but over time, the issue got worse. He walked with a limp and couldn’t run at all. When he attempted to walk far distances, he suffered pain in his bowed legs.

Sadiki desperately needed surgery to correct his legs, but between the vegetables his mother sold and his father’s small income as a garbage collector, his parents couldn’t begin to it afford it. That’s where YOU stepped in and changed everything!

Sadiki smiles with casts on his legs after his transforming surgery.

Not only for Sadiki, but for so many in need of transforming surgeries. Children and other individuals like Sadiki all over the world who can’t afford the operations they need get fresh starts thanks to you. They receive critical treatments that allow them to live healthy, productive lives. And in some cases, even save their lives.

Orthopedic Conditions: Patients with birth defects, deformities from trauma, and other disorders desperately need surgeries to allow them mobility like walking and running. These surgeries often help them overcome social stigmas. And in virtually all cases, the procedures prepare them to better learn, work, and support their future families.

Heart Problems: Congenital heart defects and other heart issues can threaten a patient’s life. While some survive, they experience a poor quality of life, unable to run, play or work. Even a little excitement can endanger them. But with the correct treatment and surgery, they can go on to live long, full lives!

Doctors operating in a life-changing surgery.

Cleft Lips and Palates: Although cleft lips and palates might seem like surface issues, they cause serious problems. Children often have a difficult time eating, drinking, and learning to speak. The condition can also stir up negative superstitions and cause seclusion. However, surgery gives them a better life.

Eye Issues: From cataracts, to crossed-eyes and more, eye issues keep people from experiencing so much of life. In areas of the world, these problems restrict learning and earning potential for the patients. That’s why we offer so many surgeries to restore the precious gift of sight.

Burns and Scarring: Burns and severe scarring can cause intense pain, limit mobility, and lead to social isolation. They can prevent children from growing strong and limit educational and job options. But thankfully, surgical solutions are available with a little help from friends like you.

Operation Blessing supporters put that smile on Sadiki's face.

And our Life-Changing Surgeries program isn’t limited! We’re ready to help with any treatable condition and change lives whenever possible. Today our young friend Sadiki is well on the mend. Soon he’ll be able to play and run just like all his other siblings. He and his parents truly appreciate this transforming gift. And your support of Operation Blessing put that adorable grin on his face.

If you’d like to help spread the word or make a special designated gift to the LCS program, please visit

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