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Two Ukrainian Mothers Receive Much Needed Support

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKRAINE – For weeks now, the war in Ukraine has forced thousands of families to leave their homes and travel to the Poland border. Packed in cars, buses, and trains, many of these refugees have no idea where they are going. Operation Blessing sat down with Tamara and Tatyana, two Ukrainian mothers who met on one of the trains headed for the border.

They shared the story of their harrowing journey with us. Like so many others, they fled the tragic violence of the Russian invasion, leaving everything behind in search of safety. They fled shelling and bombs to keep their sons safe.

Ukrainian Refugees Find Relief

Because of the generosity of friends like you, Operation Blessing greeted these Ukrainian mothers and their children with food, a warm place to rest and recharge, and encouragement. We reach out right at the border with a heated tent, at a refugee center, and through various Polish churches.

At these rest spaces we provide toys and volunteers to play with kids. With your support, we’re also sending vital supplies throughout Poland and Ukraine.

Several of these families left their homes with minimal belongings and almost no critical travel supplies. You ensure Operation Blessing can provide these items to thousands of refugees. Please continue to pray for these families and make a gift of support today.

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