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Ukraine Refugees Escape to Poland

Field Report by Justin Jenkins

POLAND – Can you imagine what it must feel like to flee a war-zone with your 3 small children? What if you had to do that while being 8 months pregnant? For Olena and her 3 kids, this nightmare was a reality.

Olena was forced to flee her home in Ukraine. When she looked out her window one morning and saw bombs flying through the sky, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “It’s one thing to hear about this,” Olena said, “another thing when you see it with your own eyes.” As a protective mother, she decided the only way to keep her children safe was to leave the country.

“It’s one thing to hear about this, another thing when you see it with your own eyes.”

Ukraine Refugees Escape To Poland

As soon as Olena was able, she boarded a train and arrived safely in Poland. Once there, she was greeted by local churches and a team from Operation Blessing.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Operation Blessing is partnering with local churches to help families seeking shelter in Poland. With your support, Operation Blessing is providing critical supplies like hygiene kits, water filtration devices, and solar lamps to refugees. Thanks to your support, these families will have the comfort they need during those critical moments after arriving in Poland.

To come alongside Operation Blessing as we continue to provide aid and comfort to Ukrainian families, go to

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