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Much Needed Warmth for Ukrainian War Survivors

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKRAINE – As those of us in America brace for cold winter storms, take a moment to imagine life for those in Ukraine. They face an incredibly cold winter—in the midst of a war. Fuel and heat are hard to find. But they’re so grateful for friends like you who are sending them warmth during this time of turmoil. We partnered with a group called Japan Platform to make sure Ukrainian war survivors have fuel briquettes to get them through the winter. Among the recipients was 48-year-old Irina from the town of Hostre, who shared her story with us.

wood for Ukrainian war survivor

“I never thought I would descend into such a beggarly existence or the impossibility of keeping warm. Before the war in 2014, everything was fine. I worked as the head of security at a private firm, and my husband was always busy with work. There were no needs, only joy in life and bright plans for a clear future.”

“However, the 2014 war disrupted our peace, and the rocket invasion in 2022 took away all our work, peaceful skies, safety, and confidence in tomorrow. I lost my job, and my husband struggles with only odd jobs. As a result, we have a budget of only $200 a month for the two of us. This is insufficient to survive with current prices for products, medicines, and utilities.”

helping ukraine conflict survivors 2024

Help for Ukrainian War Survivors

“We are critically short of funds to buy fuel. Last winter, we managed to survive only because evacuated neighbors left us their firewood. But not this year. However, the Lord did not abandon us and cared for us through compassionate people of Japan who provided funds and Operation Blessing delivering the solid fuel to our town located very close to the war zone. Your briquettes are a true rescue from the cold grip of death!”

“I want to say ‘thank you’ not only from my family but from every resident of our forgotten town, Hostre. Here, there are elderly people, disabled individuals, and those with nowhere to evacuate. Your help is incredibly valuable to us! A big thank you,” Irina said.

You also shared the warmth of your love with Vladimir, Tetyana, and so many others. Meanwhile you’ve provided food and supplies both to war victims in Ukraine and refugees in Poland. Thank for supporting hurting people in Ukraine and around the world!

help for ukraine conflict victims

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