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You Can Provide a Miracle for Turputia!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TURPUTIA, PERU — Imagine waking up at 4 A.M. every single morning to hike several miles, just for a drink of water. It might be hard to comprehend, but this is daily life for the residents of Turputia, Peru. For generations, this remote community in the highlands has struggled with water scarcity. These families scrape together a living through agriculture and livestock. They have little to no savings to speak of. This makes moving closer to a water source impossible.

And even when there is water to be found, there’s no way for these people to guarantee that it’s safe to drink. Abraham, a young resident of Tupurtia, told us that the water made him sick for an entire week. But they have no other choice. Can you imagine living life this way?

But YOU have the power to change the lives of the families living in Tupurtia. By partnering with Operation Blessing, you have the opportunity to construct a life-changing, state-of-the-art water system in the heart of this community to battle water scarcity. With your help, Operation Blessing will install a gravity-fed water pump and holding tank, complete with a chlorinator. This system will deliver fresh, clean, drinkable water right to the homes of Tupurtia. Your generosity will provide families with the abundant, clean water they’ve always dreamed of.

To help provide a miracle for Tupurtia, visit Or, click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s clean water projects in Peru and all over the world!

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