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Aiding Remote Typhoon Noru Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PHILIPPINES – Super Typhoon Noru, the strongest storm to strike the Philippines this year, has left a path of destruction in its wake. Many residents of remote areas have lost their homes and livelihoods. These areas do not often receive aid in times of disaster. In the central Philippines, the remote island communities have reportedly lost 70% of their homes. Now the residents look to Operation Blessing to provide urgent supplies following the devastating storm.

Typhoon Noru Victims Receive Critical Support

One victim, a woman named Josephina, recalled watching her house collapse before her eyes. “Our house was slowly leaning on one side,” she said. “The wind lifted it, and then it dropped until our house collapsed.” But thanks to your support, a team of brave Operation Blessing staff traveled 3 hours in stormy conditions to reach these remote areas! Josephina and her neighbors received critical aid in their time of need. Operation Blessing staff arrived to distribute desperately-needed food, supplies, and solar lamps to light up the dark night. Josephina said, “Thank you so much! You gave us plenty of food that will last for several days.”

To help Typhoon Noru victims of disaster like Josephina in the Philippines, visit

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  • How do I get help.? I need a tarp on my roof in Sarasota FL. No insurance and no help from federal government.

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Here is the information for people who need help in Florida. May God bless you during this challenging time.

      If you need assistance with salvaging personal belongings, debris removal, chainsaw work, or blue roofs, please fill out a work request for FREE volunteer help at the following location:

      Calvary Assembly of God
      3279 Sherwood Rd., Port Charlotte, FL 33980
      Monday-Saturday 10 AM – 4:30 PM

      All residents need to come in person to complete a work request and sign a release/right of entry.

      Need Help: 1-800-730-2537

  • Janice Louviere says:

    It’s such a privilege to be able to support this wonderful ministry and see the volunteers with the love of Jesus Christ ministering to those in such need.