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You Are There In Their Toughest Times

Field Report by Jonathan Macnab

catastrophic drought relief in Kenya

KENYA – Life was already hard. Najire and her six children live as pastoral nomads, roaming to feed their livestock. Then a catastrophic drought swept across their region. Without rain to bring life to the land, most of Najire’s livestock starved to death, and her children appeared to be next. Help from friends like you was one of the few things that kept them going.

How A Community Survived A Catastrophic Drought With Your Help

Najire shared what it has been like weathering this trial, as a few weeks without rain have turned into many months of hopelessness. “This drought has been very long and very hard for us,” she said. “I am a single mother and I have to take care of my children all by myself. It is really hard to find food.”

She also shared that her family makes a living caring for a herd of goats, but since the drought struck, more than 90 percent of their animals have died. Najire said, “The remaining goats are so weak, it’s impossible to sell them. So now I can’t buy food for my family because I can’t get the money.”

It’s not just Najire and her family facing these terrible circumstances, either. Times are tough for everyone in Tubcha village and for most communities across their county. In the best of times, community residents live hard lives in small thatched huts that they must deconstruct and move for their nomadic lifestyle.

Lately, life has been all but impossible. “We are barely surviving,” Najire said. “On so many occasions, we sleep hungry because we have no food. The situation is getting worse. There were times you could beg some food from a neighbor, but now no one has any food around this village. Sometimes we just take some water and sleep. It is very hard on the children especially.”

You can imagine how these mothers and fathers must feel as they watch their families suffer. “It breaks my heart when I see my children crying because they are hungry, and yet there is nothing I can do to get them food. It’s very sad to see them lying down weak because they are too hungry to get out and play.”

But she is not alone. Your compassion has reached out to her in her worst moments, and to the whole community!

Najire’s fervent prayers to God were answered when your support sent Operation Blessing to her village with enough food to feed 150 families for more than three months. Since that time we’ve returned to provide holistic care to this village, including a medical brigade and a sack garden project to grow spinach and kale with minimal water. Now, they all have hope for tomorrow.

On their behalf, Najire offered her heartfelt thanks. “I knew God would not abandon us! He heard my prayers and has sent you to rescue us.” She said joyfully, “I can’t thank you enough! My children have enough food now and I don’t have to worry about what they will eat tonight or tomorrow. May God bless you indeed! Thank you!”

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