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“We will never forget the help we received here.”

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKRAINE—The war in Ukraine has displaced many millions of people who previously only knew peace. These displaced citizens have been forced to seek refuge in other countries and now find themselves in new and unfamiliar lands like Poland. They are unsure about their future.

Life is vastly different for them there than it was in the Ukraine. Families who had not lived in poverty find themselves in shelters and at frequent food distributions. Normal daily life for them is now on hold, with no clear timetable for when and where it will resume. Sadly, even this situation is much better than the violence they escaped in Ukraine.

Displaced Refugees From Ukraine

For many, the reality of invasion was incomprehensible and unexpected. This was the case for a Ukrainian refugee and mother named Liliya. She recounted her experience upon first learning of the invasion. Initially she thought it was a joke. Against the backdrop of a peaceful and prosperous life, it was unimaginable that her world was in the process of being turned upside down. But with increasing violence, staying home was not an option for Liliya.

Now, she is one of the displaced Ukrainian people whose lives are on hold as they watch the fate of a neighboring country they once called home. Liliya laments when she thinks of her happy, stable life that is now gone. She talks about the feelings of panic and the emotional strain that such an experience has put on her family. But YOU are making a difference.

Operation Blessing and Orphan’s Promise have been partnering with local churches and humanitarian groups to offer critical aid and support to Ukrainians fleeing from the war. Your donations help provide better lives for these unfortunate displaced refugees from Ukraine. Thanks to faithful friends like you, these families have plenty of fresh, healthy food, hygiene supplies, and a safe place to stay.

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