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Relief for Double Hurricane Survivor

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Within just a month and half of each other, two hurricanes hit Lake Charles, Louisiana. Trudy’s home was left in ruins. This was a fate suffered by some residents in Lake Charles as a result of the double hurricane onslaught. The storms completely devastated her. This was one of many challenges brought by a long and exhausting 2020 hurricane season. Collapsed ceilings now buried everything this double hurricane survivor owned.

Thankfully, insurance covered the damage done to her house after the storms destroyed so much. But the double hurricane survivor couldn’t find anyone to help her salvage the few belongings she had left. Contractor’s schedules were full, her siblings are older with health issues, and her neighbors were busy working on their own homes.

But thanks to you, Operation Blessing arrived just in time! Despite the strain of multiple hurricane relief efforts, we were there to help Trudy. Likewise, disaster relief volunteers showed up with truckloads of supplies and resources to aid the victims. Additionally, teams worked for hours taking out debris, hauling furniture, and removing moldy drywall. Trudy was also able to recover precious items in her home. She was overjoyed with gratitude for your kindness in her time of need. Thank you for your heart to see Trudy, and many like, her cared for after disaster! To get involved, visit

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