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Emergency Food Kits for Virginia Flood Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA – In mid July, a terrible storm producing dangerous floods hit Buchanan County in Northern Virginia. Residents were taken aback by the speed and volume of the floodwaters. “It almost looked like the sky opened up and just dumped on that area,” said Marcella who lives in the community.

Reports of homes affected by this disaster are still climbing above 400, with a quarter of those homes now destroyed or uninhabitable. Marcella has witnessed the devastation to neighborhoods firsthand, including the damaged houses of her co-worker and family members.

Soon after the storm, Operation Blessing teams were launched to offer supplies and volunteer help to Virginia flood victims. Thanks to our faithful volunteers and the support of friends like you, Emergency Food Kits were packed and ready to go to meet the needs of hurting residents. These meal kits last for days and do not require water or electricity. We are also mobilizing volunteer support to help community members restore their homes.

Marcella said, “It’s such a blessing for folks here in this nestled little mountains to have Operation Blessing come to our aid and to be able to donate supplies and their time to help others that they don’t even know.”

There is a lot of work still ahead for this community, but with your compassionate assistance, Operation Blessing is dedicated to continue blessing the people of Buchanan County.

To find out how you can help, visit today.

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