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Expanding Aid in Turkey

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TURKEY – It has been several weeks since the earthquakes in Turkey devastated the lives of countless families. There is still a massive need for outside aid. In times like these, partnerships are crucial for all that we do at Operation Blessing. Our work in Turkey has expanded beyond the original location of Hatay where we first offered relief near some of the most concentrated damage. Expanding aid in Turkey means we’re working all over the region in other provinces such as Kahramanmaras, Mersin, and even hours away in Mardin province.

Through the use of local partnerships, particularly churches, wherever we go we can make a much greater impact through their existing strong connections to communities in need. Whenever we go to a city or town in Turkey where we have partners, they really welcome us, and they’re so thankful to Operation Blessing for reaching miles and miles of devastated communities.

Relief Team Helps Church Ongoingly

A local church leader, Muammer, told us, “We’ve been in contact with Operation Blessing for almost a month now. Since then every week they’ve been providing us with non-perishable food and also hygiene kits. It is very important to work together because we only have a few churches in Turkiye. Thank you so much Operation Blessing.”

Disaster relief teams also organized psychosocial children’s activities to bless traumatized little ones, and we provided medical interventions for those in need of medical care. The help people receive is making a world of difference at this critical time.

Operation Blessing is working together with local and international partners and volunteers to reach thousands of families affected by the deadly earthquake in Turkiye. And we’re committed to keep going. Will you join us in offering critical relief to those in need?

Stay tuned for more information about Operation Blessing’s Turkey response. To donate to disaster relief efforts, visit:

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