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Famine in Horn of Africa

Field Report by Operation Blessing

AFRICA – Throughout the Horn of Africa, people are starving. Due to a record-breaking drought, much of the population is facing crisis hunger levels. George Thomas of The 700 Club reports that in Somalia alone around 8 million people are suffering from life-threatening hunger, and that 1 in 3 children face chronic malnutrition due to famine in the Horn of Africa.

The dire conditions in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are caused by a combination of the devastating drought, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which devastated the African economy, and supply issues due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The drought killed crops across the region, and livestock as well.

Alex Marianelli of the World Food Program said, “We’ve had four failed rains. The drought that we’re currently seeing in the Horn of Africa is the worst drought in over 40 years.” And on average, one person dies every 48 seconds from hunger in the area.

“Because of the drought, many water sources have dried up. Many wells have also dried up,” says Wafer Saeed Abdelatef, a UNICEF Representative.

With crops failing. The United Nations says some 22 million people are at risk of starvation, many of them farmers who only grow enough food to feed their own families.

“People will be forced to flee to look for food.” says Rein Paulsen, of the Food and Agricultural Organization. “People will have to try and find a way to survive. And obviously this entails very perilous journeys for people who are already marginalized.”

The Devastating Impact Of Famine in the Horn of Africa

In Somalia alone, around 8 million people, or half the population, are experiencing crisis hunger levels. One in three children face chronic malnutrition.

Ann Kasombo oversees CBN’s offices in Kenya. In partnership with Operation Blessing, they have been distributing food and other aid supplies to some of the hardest hit regions of her country.

“It’s been quite devastating in some communities…food is hard to come by because they are not able to grow their food.”

Operation Blessing, delivered critical food supplies to the northern part of Kenya, targeting some of the toughest areas in those villages as we helped so many families fight hunger and food insecurity.

Thank you to our friends who sent special gift to help Kenyans in need during this difficult time. Please consider helping even more people during times of natural disaster and crisis.

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