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From Food Scarcity To Plenty

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA BEACH – Nye has always believed in helping others. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, this single mother of four was working as a nurse in her Virginia community—until she went into respiratory failure and became a patient herself. That’s when she needed help from friends like you. 

“They said I was gone for about eight seconds,” Nye said. “The doctors believe that I had COVID, and that turned to pneumonia.” She had to quit working because she couldn’t risk further exposure to COVID. The lack of income began to impact other areas of her life. Food scarcity in Virginia Beach was now a problem for her, as she didn’t have enough savings to afford everything she and her family needed.

“It was a very scary time for me not to be able to support my kids,” Nye explained.“We were just honestly living off of the savings that I had accumulated. And once that started dwindling, I started panicking.”

overcoming food scarcity in Virginia

Freedom From Food Scarcity In Virginia Beach

Then, her pastor at Freedom Church told her the church was starting a food pantry with the help of Operation Blessing. There, thanks to you, Nye received the food she desperately needed to feed her family. “The food pantry actually helped me and my kids a lot,” Nye told Operation Blessing staff. “God really answered my prayers.” The food pantry made sure Nye and her family were no longer facing food scarcity in Virginia Beach on a regular basis.

When Nye’s pastor gave her the opportunity to run the food pantry, she seized the chance to give back to the community again. “Anything for the Lord!” Nye exclaimed. “When we partnered with Operation Blessing, it opened opportunities for me to do what I know the Lord put me on this earth to do, and that’s to meet others that are in need.”

Thanks to our ministry partners and to you, Nye’s family made it through the rough patch. Now Nye is back to working full time as a nurse—and her family is thriving. “The Lord has carried me through so many storms. He has covered me in so many ways,” she said, overcome with emotion. “I’m filled with so much joy and happiness.”

Because of the love Jesus Christ poured out on us, it is our mission at Operation Blessing to be used to pour out His love to others. Thanks to friends like you, families just like Nye’s are receiving the help they need when they need it the most.

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