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Helping Holocaust Survivors During War in Israel

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ISRAEL – For anyone, undergoing a nonstop barrage of rocket fire would be shattering. Losing your home to the assault would be almost unthinkable. Being attacked while seeking haven in a bomb shelter would be shocking. But imagine if you had to endure such devastation as a Holocaust survivor—having endured incredible trauma already—without your sight?

Relief for Blind Victims of War in Israel

Since October 7, Operation Blessing has been traveling to many parts of Israel, helping people affected by the ongoing war, especially vulnerable people like those who are displaced, recent immigrants, and those who struggle with blindness.

Thanks to the generosity of partners like you, we met many of the most urgent needs of these hurting people—distributing thousands of food boxes, along with hygiene products, and seasonal clothing.

helping a holocaust survivor in Israel

Meet Sofia: a Holocaust Survivor

One of the precious people we had the opportunity to meet was Sofia, a Holocaust survivor. She went blind at an early age, when Germany bombed Stalingrad during World War II. But this didn’t stop her from teaching piano to blind children over the years, something that gave her so much joy. She gratefully accepted the food and other products you helped provide to assist her through this disorienting time.

helping a holocaust survivor

Spreading Joy with Hot Meals

At the Jewish Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem, thanks to your support we partnered with a caterer to prepare hot meals for many evacuees there who are blind and visually impaired.

Spreading Joy with Hot Meals

Right now, these people are relying on the assistance of the Institute for their daily meals and other needs. Since the government provides breakfast and dinner, CBN Israel and Operation Blessing joined forces to supply lunch, not only to the shelter but also to other places where internally displaced families now reside. And this is all because you care!

As those at the institute like to say, “The heart sees more than the eyes can ever imagine.” At Operation Blessing, as you so regularly demonstrate, a heart of compassion is key. We so appreciate your loving heart!

help for vulnerable people in Israel

The broad reach of Operation Blessing’s impact is only possible when friends like you continue to support families during crisis. Your kindness helps bring hope to some of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. Would you give a special gift to help people in crisis at

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