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You Are Reaching Israel’s Most Vulnerable

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ISRAEL – Operation Blessing and CBN Israel provided aid to those affected by the ongoing war. In fact, you reached out to some of the most vulnerable in Israel during this war, including those at the Jewish Institute for the Blind.

Oren of the Institute told us, “We decided that we are going to open our place. And we were going to host blind people and their families from all over the country who feel frightened. Because lonely, blind people don’t know where to go when there is an alarm, or where shelter is. And they have to be very fast.”

providing food for displaced people in Israel

Relief for Blind Victims of War in Israel

Partnering with a caterer, Operation Blessing prepared hot meals for those fleeing war who are blind and visually impaired. Operation Blessing’s Gigi Endaya said, “We are here today in the kitchen of Yad Hashmona, and we are helping to make and prepare vegetables for cooking. The menu for today is baked vegetables, and we will cook and prepare them later so that we can distribute them to the internally displaced people here in this area and in the areas nearby.”

Thanks to the help of our generous Operation Blessing partners, the teams also helped prepare packed meals and personally delivered them to those staying at the shelter. There are dozens of families and individuals who have been staying at the shelter for over two months.

Sagi, who lives very close to Gaza shared his family’s experiences of the war. According to him, Hamas entered the building where they live. “My neighbors in our building were not able to leave for several days. My mother’s cousin who was a police officer was killed. Friends of our family were also killed.” Right now, they rely on the assistance of the Jewish Institute for the Blind for their daily meals and other needs.

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Operation Blessing Offers Crisis Relief In Israel

Since the government provides breakfast and dinner, CBN Israel and Operation Blessing joined forces to supply lunch not only to the shelter, but also to other places where internally displaced families now reside. Additionally, Operation Blessing has prepared food boxes and hygiene products for both Israelis and foreign migrant workers.

Oren shared his gratitude, “It’s warmed our heart. We thank all the Christian world who support Israel, all the good people who support all over the world.”

The broad reach of Operation Blessing’s impact is only possible when friends like you continue to support families during crisis. Your kindness helps bring hope to some of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. You can reach more families in crisis when you visit

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