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Disaster Relief for Hurricane Laura Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Hurricane Laura was a category 4 storm when it struck Lake Charles, Louisiana. Georgiana and her family evacuated before the storm. But when they returned home, they found themselves in another type of storm. As part of a devastating 2020 hurricane season, Hurricane Laura had left a mark on their property. Georgiana’s home was heavily damaged, inside and out. Thankfully, insurance covered the damage to her home. But her yard was still covered in massive hurricane debris. This included downed trees and shingles.

With limited income, Georgiana and her husband worried about how they would pay for the removal of the hurricane debris. Accordingly, they were overwhelmed by the amount of debris they would have to remove. There seemed to be too much to tackle by themselves. Not surprisingly, they lacked the equipment and manpower to meet the challenge.

That’s when Operation Blessing showed up to help with hurricane relief. Your gifts and prayer support emboldened a team of volunteers. Volunteers who arrived with a truckload of tools and were eager to help. Likewise, Operation Blessing volunteers cleaned all hurricane debris from Georgiana’s yard. This included cutting down and removing trees. Additionally, limbs, and shingles on the property were also taken away. Thank you for your heart to see disaster victims cared for in their darkest hour! To get involved, go to

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