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Hurricane Relief in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PUERTO RICO – Operation Blessing is on the ground in Ponce, Puerto Rico helping hurting residents after Hurricane Fiona. Flood waters from the storm ravaged communities, causing extensive damage.

Since the hurricane hit, around 1 million homes have been left without power, and many lack clean water.

Pastor Giovanni Sasde of Gosèn Family Church shared his personal experience in the aftermath of the storm. ” Like what happened before with Hurricane Maria, we have been greatly impacted by this hurricane. As of now, every sector of the country is still without power. My home doesn’t have any electricity. I don’t have any water.”

Operation Blessing in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Thanks to the generous support of Operation Blessing partners, the Disaster Relief team visited several communities and churches to distribute rechargeable solar lamps and Aquatabs, including Ponce. These tablets purify water and provide residents with clean water to drink and cook with.

Pastor Giovanni said, “That is exactly what we need now in this time where there are so many people with fear and anxiety. We feel blessed that we have Operation Blessing here, because we know their heart. We know that they are urged by the Lord to come and help us.”

The Disaster Relief team is able to be on the ground helping families in Ponce, Puerto Rico, take their first steps towards recovery thanks to the generosity of Operation Blessing partners.

Pastor Giovanni said, “I know that Operation Blessing does great things, and the Lord is always with them. Thank you, and God bless every single person that made this happen.”

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