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World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021 serves a critical purpose. The unpleasant truth behind the need for a World Water Day is that not everyone in the world has the water resources they need to live a healthy life. As the world population expands it is important that these problems are addressed. Clean, safe water for proper sanitation, drinking, and hygiene is something that no human being should have to live without. But for some, Water Day 2021 is a reminder that all they have access to is dirty water that is a threat to their health. For others, World Water Day 2021 is marked by gratefulness for clean water solutions that have changed their lives. The question for you is, will you partner with us on World Water Day 2021 to help change lives for the better?

Water Day 2021 For Some Will Mean Suffering

For some World Water Day 2021 will be marked by struggle and suffering. The sad truth is that even in 2021 many people do not have access to safe, clean, reliable water. Many must walk miles daily to get the water they need to bathe, cook, and drink. Often these water sources provide dirty, bacteria-infested water. The people who drink it often get sick. Then, in need of any water they can get, they are forced to drink the same contaminated water again the next day. Across Asia, Africa, and Latin America villager’s lives are consumed with this daily struggle to acquire water. World Water Day is about working to bring an end to the suffering caused by lack of clean water around the world.

Operation Blessing observes World Water Day annually to help bring water issues and water scarcity to the forefront. Throughout the year we help provide clean water solutions to needy people. Since water scarcity and water shortages are such a critical humanitarian problem, we are using this day to encourage people to get involved.

For Others World Water Day 2021 Is Light In The Darkness

Not everyone whose life was mired in an exhaustive struggle for dirty water is still suffering. Through the generosity of our partners, we have provided clean water systems to change lives. Here are some of those victories.

Water Day 2021

Lake Chapala Mexico And A Rain Catchment System

Lake Chapala is the source of food and water for many people living near Guadalajara, Mexico. While beautiful, the lake is not a safe place to get water as it contains heavy metals harmful to humans. For some of the poor people depending on this poisonous lake, help was needed. The solution was a clean water project from Operation Blessing.

Operation Blessing partners helped supply a rainwater catchment system to the El Chalpicote Elementary School. Now the children no longer have to consume polluted water. This school is an example of what we can accomplish by focusing on water issues. 

World Water Day 2021

Water Purification In Honduras

Jeslin, and her Honduran village, have been forever changed by a water purification system. She can enjoy clean water when she needs it. The Operation Blessing water project provides water that she doesn’t have to travel miles to get and water that won’t make her sick. Jeslin is an example of the great things World Water Day can stand for. 

And You Can Participate Right Here Right Now To Bring Clean Water to Others

Partner with us to provide clean water solutions to people who need it. 

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