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Meet Gisella: COVID Outreach and Small Business

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – Before COVID, Gisella supported her family by creating and selling products in a tourist town in Peru. But when the pandemic struck, international travel disappeared. As tourism came to a halt, there were suddenly no visitors to purchase Gisella’s products. As a result, her business suffered severely. Like so many other hardworking single mothers crushed by the pandemic, Gisella struggled to provide for her family.

To add to the tremendous difficulties she faced, a storm tore the roof off of her home. All her belongings—including her crafting materials—were damaged. Now her ability to earn a livelihood was completely gone.

COVID Outreach and Small Business Support

Thanks to the generous gifts of friends like you, Operation Blessing was able to reach out to communities impacted by the pandemic, including Gisella’s. You provided COVID outreach and small business support. You ensured Gisella had new supplies and business training to jumpstart her business even stronger than before.

You also showed your love and support when Operation Blessing built Gisella’s family a new home! Now, Gisella has what she needs to continue to provide for her family. To make your gift of support for families like Gisella’s today, visit

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